Invest like a Billionaire

Our investment strategy is time-tested. But technology is the game changer.

Fastify has a suite of investment strategies grounded in academic research and brought to life by software. We didn’t invent these strategies, but our technology has made them available to a new generation of investors.

Our software executes these strategies better than a person ever could. No time, no work, no reasons left to procrastinate.

Our Statistics

  • Total Deposited $4,997,928.75
  • Total Withdrawal $3,606,095.83
  • Running Days 129
  • Total Accounts 3836

Your cash can do more.

Whether you’re building an emergency fund, saving for a big expense like a down-payment, or holding on to funds until you are ready to invest, our high-interest investment account is a secure place to grow your cash and reach your short-term goals faster. Short-term because we offer high returns on an hourly basis.

We believe technology can handle some things better than people. Our software executes time-tested investment strategies, automatically looking for opportunities to improve your portfolio’s performance.

Referral commission
Earn extra with our two level affiliate program.
  • 7% Level 1
  • 1% Level 2